Policy Projects

Since 2011, I have managed print and online publications for SPUR, an urban planning public policy group in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work with policy experts to shape their writing and communicate their research and recommendations to elected officials, government, thought leaders and the public.


 SPUR.Regional.StrategyThe SPUR Regional Strategy

This visionary initiative invited the people of the Bay Area to imagine what the region could look like in the year 2070. SPUR envisioned an equitable, sustainable and prosperous region where all people thrive and proposed bold ideas for getting there. The three-year project resulted in more than two dozen policy reports and over 170 recommendations.

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Annual report 2023The Changing City: 2023 Annual Report

This year SPUR began the work of reimagining cities to meet the needs of a post-pandemic world. We explored how downtowns can become central social districts. We worked to sustain essential transit service while pushing for progress toward a single regional transit system. We spearheaded the movement to decarbonize the region’s buildings and worked to make it easier to build much-needed housing.

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Coexistence.ReportCoexistence in Public Space

As more and more Bay Area residents find themselves without homes, many have defaulted to living in public parks, plazas and squares. For other users of these spaces, the presence of unhoused residents renders them unwelcoming or even unsafe. How might we design and manage public space for coexistence, so that people of all backgrounds can find joy, belonging and safety there?

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2020.Voter.GuideSPUR Voter Guides

Each election, SPUR provides in-depth research and analysis of ballot measures in San Francisco, San José, Oakland, and across California. This massive labor of love includes the background behind the measures, an analysis of equity impacts, pros and cons, and a recommendation on how to vote.

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